What Are The Latest Trends In LED Lighting?

Latest Trends In Magik LED

Technology in the field of lighting has progressed significantly over the years. Out of all the innovations and advancements that have taken place, LED lighting has been a major breakthrough. Known as Light Emitting Diodes, LED lights are now not just impacting the ambiences of our homes and offices but also transforming public spaces such as roads, platforms, malls etc. Elevating living spaces by making them more productive and healthier, LEDs are nothing but precise smart lighting solutions.

This integration of smart technologies is a trendsetter in the industry. Capable of producing the entire RGB spectrum, LEDs can now be even controlled through your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Giving you total control of illuminating spaces the way you exactly want them to, there are a plethora of trends that have emerged in this particular segment that include adjusting brightness, colour temperature, timing schedules, changing lights through artificially intelligent bots like Alexa and many more.

Individuals and companies who have been sharp enough to embrace this revolution are not just keeping up with pace, but also making their practical lives more comfortable and easier to live. Now even available in energy-efficient variations, these lights make your spaces reflect your mood, release a very minimal carbon footprint on the environment and commit to longevity, innovation and sustainability like no other.

This blog explores the latest trends that have emerged in LED lighting, with a mission to help you choose the best options that you feel are capable of enhancing the quality of your life.

Emerging Lighting Trends In LED Technology

A cornerstone in modern lighting technology, these are some of the emerging trends the Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs have brought in:

Smart Control & Connectivity

Smart Control is a critical advancement that LEDs have been able to make. Integrating lighting solutions with what is known as The Internet of Things (IoT), was essential to show that lighting solutions can actually be so up to mark with other developments that have been taking place. Representing the importance of a well-lit ambience in our lives, LEDs through interconnected systems can now be completely controlled from our phones, tablets and other devices. Enabling users to change brightness, colour temperature, daylight levels and other preferences, LEDs now allow you to transport yourself into a different head space because of such features.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

A huge advantage of these light emitting diodes is that they provide you with all these options in brightness and colour temperatures while at the same time consuming far less power. Thus, it is a solution with high luminous efficacy and high energy consumption, thereby delivering more light per watt of electricity consumed. This cuts down on your bills and lights up your spaces in affectionate ways while at the same time reducing your need to search for frequent replacements.

Human-Centric Lighting Solutions

This is a cutting-edge trend where LED beats all other lighting solutions that have come in. Human-centric lighting is nothing but lighting solutions that are built keeping in mind the impact of these lights on the well-being of a person. HCL or human centric lights tend to help humans relax and feel comfortable through the promotion of warm white lights and by giving us the power to control everything and fine-tune them according to our own wishes. LED’s human centrism is so precise that many LED lights even reflect or rather mimic natural lighting patterns to help our well-being.

Better Colour Quality

Equipped with high colour rendering indexes, LED accuracy and vibrance make them compatible with all kinds of environments such as homes, retail stores, art studios, hotels, restaurants, roads, buses etc. Always optimising your surroundings, the colour rendering of LED lights is exquisite.

Health & Eco-friendliness

It is a well-known fact that LED lights are cost-effective. Every big city now is completely transforming its lighting on the roads and public spaces with LED technology. LED lights besides being energy efficient are also very stringent when it comes to ultraviolet rays. Now spearheading the development of  UV-C technology, these lights are also advanced in making sure that hygiene, health & safety are always given their due importance. Thus, LED lights last longer, leave a minimal carbon footprint and also provide a safe and intelligent lighting environment for all.

Why Are Magik’s Products Known As The Trendsetters In The Industry?

Magik LED brings to you lighting solutions with low leat emissions, great light colour and sleek designs.  Offering LED lamps, LED panel lights, LED spotlights LED Battens, LED Downlights, LED Flood Lights, and LED Strip Lights- each of which are further subdivided into further categories, Magik’s broad range of products and services that include battery back up levels of up to 4 hours, functioning in emergency power cut situations at a lumen lower than 40-50%, India’s smallest low-watt light- Liliput (0.9W), bubs with a warranty of 1 year.

Lighting up colourful houses, dynamic workplaces, public spaces and vibrant commercial environments with soft, defused and unblemished colour accuracy, we are always embracing the latest trends and emerging technologies with the aim of contributing to a sustainable world where lights are built to cater to the longevity of human life. With all of our products completely customisable in terms of colour temperature, brightness, movability, lumen variations and more, the LED lights give you complete ownership of the kind of ambience and mood you want to surround yourself with. Going beyond mere illumination, we transform the way you perceive and interact in your public, professional and personal life.