Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

Light bulb, one of the greatest inventions of all time has seen umpteen innovations. We used the incandescent bulb in the 1990s. In the 2000s, we witnessed a major change in economics from the introduction of CFLs to LEDs. And today, we’re going to talk about the new kid on the block, “Smart LEDs”. 

There’s an undeniable fact about smart LEDs i.e. it improves life quality, overall indoor and outdoor appeal, work efficiency and business management too. With the growing living standards and increased integration of AI in our lives, the need for smart home lighting is definitely going to reach a new high. It is quite futuristic and parallely, intelligent too as they are LEDs with embedded chipsets.

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

Need a magikal Smart lighting setup for your home?

Although the market is flooded with smart bulbs and virtual assistants these days, a full fledged smart lighting solution sounds fancy and at the same time, expensive too. But that’s not true.

Here’s how Magik’s newly launched architectural lighting solution, C’nnect is redefining the smart lighting space with its offerings.

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

Get set to C’nnect

Magik C’nnect has the power to make your home entirely automated when it comes to lighting. It gives you an all new outlook towards lighting and the impact that follows. Equipped with ground-breaking technology that makes it a first-mover when it comes to providing a lighting solution that is a confluence of smart lighting and home automation, with the benefits and features of both.

Alexa and Google Home Compatibility

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

C’nnect’s compatibility with both Alexa and Google Home is a very useful and amazing feature, because it gives the user an additional means to control the lights, adding on to the convenience quotient that one demands with  smart lights. It sports an “Intelligent Voice Control System” which lets you control the lights with just your voice. Just say, “OK Google, switch off the lights now”, “Alexa, Turn on my favorite mood lighting”.

Smart Controller

Installing Magik C’nnect is easy. It looks uncluttered because it doesn’t need any complex wiring or large hubs as opposed to conventional home automation solutions. To install, one has to simply connect the Smart Controller to the AC mains and that’s the job done.

Control your lights even when you’re out

Magik C’nnect uses a WiFi protocol that makes controlling your lights convenient even when you’re attending a meeting at your office, or attending your child’s annual function or while you’re driving. 

C’nnect Smart App

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

Besides the Smart Remote and Voice Assistants, Magik C’nnect has its own Smart App that offers a plethora of features to customise your smart lights your way. It lets you set different versions of lighting scenes like party, movie, candlelit etc, and that too on custom grouping of lights. You can select colour temperatures from warm yellow to cool white, manage brightness and set automatic time schedules for lighting your homes.

16 Million Magikal Colors

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

Magik C’nnect is beautiful like a rainbow. With the Magik C’nnect Strip Lights, you can choose from 16 million colours within seconds to adjust light according to your mood and make it ambient. Isn’t it great?

Energy Saving

In case you think a smart lighting setup like Magik C’nnect will consume too much power, you’re probably mistaken. You can easily adjust the brightness between 100% and 10% on the Magik C’nnect App and save more energy.

The Diverse Range of Magik C’nnect

C’NNECT Spotlights: Anti-glare lights which create stunning visual effects and show objects in its truest colors.

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

C’NNECT Downlights: Premium designer fittings with uniform and wider light distribution.

C’NNECT Strip Lights: Durable silicon strip lights with more than 16 million color options which also comes with a tunable CCT, giving you the option of colour temperature and dimming control.

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

C’nnect Profile Lights: An offering that is rare in the smart home lighting range, our Profile lights offer light that is years ahead. These lights are not only highly fashionable and enhance the aesthetics of your home, but are structurally strong and offer easy installation along with versatile application.

Is Smart lighting really futuristic?

So, find the right vibe with the futuristic and first of its kind, architectural and smart home lighting solution – Magik C’nnect. You can know more about it here.

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