Illuminate Your Study Room With LEDs

Looking to pick up that book again you’ve been wanting to read for the longest time? Planning on revamping your WFH workstation? Deciding on a table lamp for your kid to study? Looking for a stress-free environment to answer all the emails you’ve got to reply to for work? Look no further.

Your Lighting Solution

If you’re deciding to light up your study in the best way possible, you can’t go wrong with LEDs. LEDs are the choicest option for they cater to all the most essential demands of a study room. From dim ambient lighting that creates a stress-free environment to work or to lay some time off to a bright light that pushes you to focus on a detailed art project; LEDs have got you covered on all fronts.

To Effectivity

  • There’s evidence of increased productivity in LED lighting.
  • LED lighting can help maintain a longer attention span.
  • Higher accuracy can be achieved in LED light.

Your study room’s lighting can be as important as the studying material itself. Installing LED lights may seem like a “can-wait” task or maybe even an expensive one but it is in the best interest of your pockets and yours to switch to LEDs. Not only are LEDs cheaper in the long run but they appropriately brighten your study ambiently.

To Green Needs

LED lights are also safer for the environment. They produce more light since they are highly efficient and also consume less overall energy in comparison  This means the little energy that it uses is mostly converted to light making LEDs the best light for the study.

To Range

LEDs provide a wide range that can be adjusted to ensure the lighting suits the study according to the needs. So, different Watt LEDs can be chosen depending on the requirements.

A Handy Little Guide:

  • LEDs of 5W to 9W, used in table lamps, are appropriate for reading and writing.
  • 12W – 15W LEDs are well-suited for screen-related work.
  • Detail-oriented work would require 20W to 30W LEDs.

To Aesthetics

LEDs aren’t just limited to the old boring shapes of bulbs or tube lights. They come in so many options such as battens, downlights, table lamps, spotlights and many more.

Since its clear LEDs are the way to go…

Next comes ‘The How’

See what works best for your study. For some, uniform lighting is better whereas, for others, layering works best. 

Have a little fun with it and get both, you’re cost-cutting already by choosing LEDs!

Get a hold of some LED Strip lights to illuminate your study and whichever colour you want through mobile apps, Alexa or Google Home Assistant. 

Use spotlights to showcase your cute bookshelf or other room decor items.

Getting a table lamp for your study should be a no-brainer if you want to have the best study lighting experience.

Where To Find The Best LEDs?

Right here at Magik Lights! Have a delightful experience with Magik and allow us to aid you in getting the best led lights for your study!