How Do Lighting Solutions Help Out Businesses?

When it comes to business lighting solutions energy costs are an essential consideration as one manages and grows a business. Magik Lighting solutions fit into your entire energy system and offer options to maximize savings. When it comes to business lighting we look at three different applications like industrial, retail, and indoor commercial lighting.

What role does ambiance play in business?

The impact of lighting plays a significant impact in the business lighting choices that could have a noticeable impact on customers and clients who perceive the business and atmosphere. The amount, colour, and temperature of the light also leave a noticeable impact. When we look at retail lighting, Ace spotlight by Magik Lighting is often the recommended choice to maintain the ambiance, being aesthetically designed to enhance the lighting quality and ceiling decor. Ace spotlights are false ceiling lights, which are movable and best suited for the retail segment.

Explore more retail lighting solutions that cater to your business needs well, such as the Crest Spotlight which is easily movable, Vista Spot zoom has a 45-degree tilt, Sniper Spotlight which is used to highlight the showroom more.

Moving on to indoor commercial areas, like banks, corporate offices, etc. Lighting solutions for indoor commercial areas are made of non-yellowing diffusers. Aculux 36W and Vision Pro lights have diffusers that prevent the white light from going yellow over time. With high luminous efficiency, Magik lighting gives the best quality lighting for the ambiance of the business.

Practical function and maintenance required for lighting specific areas

When it comes to high-efficiency areas like industrial sheds, steel plants, thermal power plants, and eastern power plants, practical functionality and easy maintenance are preferred. Magik Lighting has industrial segment lighting solutions for shed lights and highly efficient heavy-duty models. The Vulcan Pro LED highbay by Magik Lighting is an industrial shed light with IP 66 driver that has ingress protection against water and dust particles. These lights are used for premium industries with high Voltage protection for 48 hours as compared to normal lights. Zenith Plus highbay lights are hanging under the industrial sheds, warehouses, mills, factories, railway cars, and airport hangers. Explore a range of lights with application practicality in sync with maintenance.

Choosing energy-efficient lighting  

With business lighting, the real importance is placed on creating the right atmosphere for customers. Ambiance and efficiency are often placed at two ends of a spectrum; Magik Lighting solutions give the best of both worlds. Explore a range of industrial, retail, and indoor commercial lights which cater to the needs and meet the demands of your business.

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