Figure Out The Secret To An Easy Life With Smart Lighting!

With the technological advancements marking new standards for life, smart lighting is a step into efficient, easy, and smart living. Magik C’nnect Smart Lighting Automation Systems forges and strengthens the connections with family and friends using the power of lighting. It can completely transform a space and your mood along with it. Explore the chance to infinite possibilities, get set to C’nnect!

Who says smart technology needs to be complex?

Magik C’nnect is an architectural lighting home automation solution that is compatible with smart devices. Switch on convenience and let voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home do the work as you relax in the world of technology. Give Magik C’nnect the power to transform your lives and make living easier and more efficient.

Compared to other home automation systems, setting up the Magik C’nnect Smart Lighting System is really easy. Simply connect the Smart Bridge Series to the AC mains and you are ready to go; no need for large hubs or complex wiring.

Many ways to control your lights

Besides the convenience of voice commands, there are many benefits that accompany a smart lighting system like C’nnect. Magik C’nnect uses an innovative connection method called Looping through which a common power supply and common controller operates multiple lights in series. The C’nnect smart remote controller makes it easy for you to control your lights, if you’re one of those who prefer conventional methods or if there are guests at home. C’nnect lets you enjoy the beauty of control, whether it is controlling one or more lights effortlessly, or it is choosing how they appear to be in terms of mood, scene selection, brightness, and in the case of RGB strip lights, even colour!

The app features many lighting scenes that fit different moods, and end up transforming spaces. You can set a timer to switch the light on or off. You can control the lights from anywhere. With the cloud support system that uses WIFI protocol which comes in handy if you’ve remembered that you left the lights on and are nowhere close to home.

Start with Smart Lighting

The days to manually switch off the lights are over. Use smart, efficient lighting that has features like voice control, timers, scene selection, and many more. The power to control your home lighting is just a tap away. Explore more features of Magik C’nnect and make your home smart with Smart Lighting solutions. 

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