5 Decorative LED Lights for Your Smart Space

led ceiling lights for home

What is the first thing you notice when you enter someone’s house? The interior design? The classy furniture? The antique chandelier? These might surely grab your attention; but do you realise what makes you get mesmerised by them?
The lighting, of course.
Yes, lighting is one such key element that can make your living space go from ‘drab to fab’. With perfect lighting fixtures, you can turn any corner of your room into a picturesque space. And when it comes to choosing the most beneficial lighting, LED lights flaunt certainly tops the list of modern lighting methods.
The compact size of LED lights allows them to easily fit in the home settings artistically, and are capable of bringing seemingly unrealistic designs to reality. And with time, LED lighting has evolved drastically, providing several lighting options to choose from. So, here are five decorative LED lights that you can use for your smart space:

1. LED Battens

Energy efficient and flicker free, LED battens can be the perfect choice for decorating your personal space with spot-free illumination. You can group together multiple LED battens to give your room an appealing look, or use it in the form of pendant lighting. Maximo LED battens by Magik is a good option to give your personal space a classic look.

2. LED Ceiling Lights


It’s not just about illumination, but how you use the illumination to make it go with the ambience. LED ceiling lights provide soft, yet powerful glarefree light to enhance the pleasing ambience. These lights are ideal for washrooms, kitchens and balconies, and give them a stylish look that catches everyone’s eye.

3. LED Bulbs


The concept of pendant lighting has been lately gaining popularity as it adds a touch of elegance to your home decor, and LED bulbs are your best bet for that. So, club the LED candle bulbs with chandeliers to provide warm lighting or use rocket shaped LED bulbs for your kitchen setting to add a pinch of glamour to it. You can also choose Grande by Magik LED to experiment on the lighting front.

4. LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights is your answer if you plan on using LED lights artistically without losing its regular charm. With their custom colours and dexterous designs, LED strip lights can be used for decorating picture frames, stairs, shelves and staircases using the best of creativity.

5. LED Spot Lights


Are you an art fanatic and love to decorate your walls with paintings and portraits? LED Spot Lights can be the right companion to add an extra layer of charm to this decoration! Emitting light in controlled beams, you can choose LED Button by Magik LED that is designed for such purpose and fits equally well with book shelves, cabinets and desks.