5 Decorative LED Lights for Your Smart Space

led ceiling lights for home

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a house? The interior design? The classy furniture? The antique chandelier? These might surely grab your attention; but do you realise what holds the entire place together?

The lighting, of course.

Yes, lighting is one such key element that can make any living space go from ‘drab to fab’. With the perfect lighting placement, you can turn around any corner of your room into a picturesque space. LED lights can be customized to suit your tastes and preferences. Be its shape, size, colour, tone, or brightness, all these controls and more rest in the palm of your hand. Moreover, LED is not only aesthetically pleasing but also good for your wallet and the environment. LED has emerged as one of the most effective and efficient energy sources in the past several years.

The compact size of LED lights allows them to elegantly blend with your house decor, or stand out as statement pieces. Whichever way you want to play with decorative LED lighting in your house, you have the range. The flexibility of LED lends itself to the fulfilment of all your creative visions and dreams. With time, LED lighting has evolved rapidly, providing several lighting options for you to choose from. You can utilise LEDs as backlights, accent lights, task lights, to accentuate special spaces within your house. Also, thanks to the customization possibilities with LED, you can go from soft and neutral lighting to intense and colourful easily. Your house will always be ready to host a vibrant party or a cosy dinner and night in with friends.

The potentiality of LED decorative lights is ever-evolving. Newer and innovative ways of doing more and more with LED to achieve the perfect contemporary look keep emerging. Here are five favourite decorative LED lights that can beautifully transform any space:

1. LED Battens

Energy-efficient and flicker-free, LED battens can be the perfect choice for use as decorative LED lighting in your personal space. It also adds on with spot-free illumination. You can group multiple LED battens to give your room an appealing look, or use it in the form of pendant lighting. With varying options in LED Batten’s tones, colour index and temperature, wattage, you can really personalise your space to suit your needs. These lights will brighten up your space and enhance its visual appeal.  LED Battens are also very energy-efficient and practical for illuminating your interior and exterior space without the constant need for repair and replacement.

2. LED Ceiling Lights

It’s not just about illumination, but also about how you use the illumination to make it go with the ambience. LED Ceiling lights open up various decorative possibilities for your house. LED ceiling lights provide soft, yet powerful glare-free light to enhance the pleasing ambience. These lights are ideal for washrooms, kitchens and balconies, and give them a stylish look that catches everyone’s eye. LED Ceiling Lights give any space a clean and modern look. As it is that LEDs have a small build and an extremely versatile potential for varying shapes and styles. Small LED lights placed in clusters or arranged in patterns also have a great visual appeal. You can radically transform the ambience of your house with LED ceiling lights.

3. LED Bulbs

The concept of pendant lighting has lately been gaining popularity as it adds a touch of elegance to your home decor, and LED bulbs are your best bet if you are looking for decorative LED lighting for your home. So, club the LED candle bulbs with chandeliers to provide warm lighting or use rocket-shaped LED bulbs for your kitchen setting to add a pinch of glamour to it. With LED Bulbs you can wash your home with the perfect lighting to match all your moods and customize tones and colours according to your liking. You can also direct and angle the LED bulbs in whichever direction you want. With LED bulbs you can give any area a contemporary look.

4. LED Strip Lights

If you’re looking around to give your house a makeover without much fuss and clutter, choose LED Strip lights among other decorative LED lighting options to decorate your house. LED strip lights are your answer if you want to upgrade spaces within your house without them losing their regular charm. With their custom colours and dexterous designs, LED strip lights can be creatively used for decorating picture frames, stairs, shelves and staircase. You can make a bold statement in your kitchen with LED strip lights. You can do so much with LED Strip Lights as backlights, task lights, or accent lights. Play around with LED Strip Lights and spice things up in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and hallways. You can also use LED strip lights to light up outdoor spaces such as your garden and backyard.

5. LED Spot Lights

Are you an art fanatic and love to decorate your walls with paintings and portraits? LED Spot Lights can be the right companion to add an extra layer of charm to this decoration! LED Spot Lights add just the right amount of much-needed drama to a place. Highlight and amplify the special nooks and corners of your home by using LED Spot Lights.  These are designed for such purposes and fits equally well with bookshelves, cabinets and desks. It emits light in controlled beams and provides a soft and intense focus according to your liking on specific objects and spaces. With LED Spot Lights you can have fun with art, cabinets, stairs, benches, headboards and more.