All You Need to Know About LED Flood Lights

LED luminaires that are directed with amiable beams and project light onto a specific area, or objects are known as LED Flood Lights. Employing a LED floodlight for home illumination is a fundamental component of both internal as well as external lighting solutions. Floodlights are also known as ‘flood lighting luminaires’.

These lights are weatherproof outdoor luminaires that offer

• Area lighting

• Ambient lighting

• Accent lighting

• Task lighting

Flood lights have come a long way in the past couple of decades all thanks to the ever evolving LED technology. Nowadays, flood lights make a great choice, whether for residential or commercial usage. When it comes to shopping for outdoor security lighting, it becomes highly confusing as to what the best option is for your specific need. LED floodlights have a higher lumen output than regular floodlights. An LED Floodlight for home has the same effect as two or even three standard floodlights, it means that with the longer life expectancy and the exceptional brightness less room would be needed for storing your existing halogen equivalent floodlights.

Applications of LED Flood Lighting

LED Flood Lights for Stadiums

Floodlighting is known as the all-rounder of illumination. Floodlighting is the best option for producing drama, beauty, depth, dimension, texture, space, and focal points in a landscape setting.

Roadway and street lighting:  Roads and street lighting require beam patterns that are specific to the design of the road. Outdoor LED Floodlights are a good fit for any and every outdoor application that requires directional illumination across a defined area.

Geometric areas: Geometric areas, namely, roadway interchanges, parking lots, auto dealerships, airports, recreational facilities, parks, storage yards, and toll plazas require area lighting luminaires like outdoor LED Floodlight for the best lighting output.

Residential purposes: LED floodlights for homes have been a very popular solution. Areas that are not surrounded by light sensitive areas such as housing complexes, hotels, and hospitals are familiar places to install high mast lighting systems.

LED Flood Lights

Sports lighting systems: LED Floodlights are often employed in sports complexes and provide uniform lighting for areas such as stadiums, arenas, athletic fields, playgrounds, and outdoor venues. 

Highlight hardscape objects: Floodlights create soft lighting for trees, shrubs, and other plants that landscape a building or an area. Places such as monuments, sculptures, fountains, and/or other architectural elements that are part of the landscape scheme. 

Architecture lighting: LED Floodlights can enhance the inherent attractiveness and create a breath-taking image of the building for architecture spaces as buildings, bridges, and recreational facilities. LED Floodlights can be used in wall washing, wall grazing, and accent.

Flood lighting adds beauty, drama and character to houses built in any style, from traditional to ultra-modern. For outdoor purposes, LED floodlights are placed at certain angles to create the best lighting effects. This means that more than one can be used in strategic locations and can be converted into other products at the end of their life.

If you’re looking to create an atmosphere and curb appeal by flood lighting your home, the quality of fixtures you choose is just as important as where you place them. Choose upgraded fixtures that will stand the test of time and add lasting appeal to your property.

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