A Guide to Lighting up the Street and the City Landscape

Rapidly growing LED technology is fast becoming the most preferred solution for all sorts of outdoor lighting applications. Outdoor LED lighting offers visual comfort to the pedestrians. Outdoor LED lighting is also helpful in illuminating public spaces and improving visibility for public transportation at night. Outdoor LED lighting plays a really important part in the overall look and feel of the city. With the help of correct landscape lighting ideas, you can light up the entire space with brilliance.

What are the benefits of LED Street and road lights?

LED Lights for City Roads

The decision to invest in road LED installations is a very crucial one and can only be made responsibly if there is a clear insight into the purpose and benefits of road lighting. Good road lighting can considerably reduce the risk of night time road accidents. 

Street lighting is important for residential areas as it provides information to the slow moving traffic such as pedestrians and cyclists. 

Badly lit roads and streets can cause discomfort to the public walking on the streets and the drivers driving. A good lighting plan should be able to considerably improve three things; visual performance, visual comfort and alertness. 

LED Street lighting increases the sense of security for pedestrians and residents around. Along with safety, these lights also serve a beautification purpose, they make the entire city look attractive for the residents and the visitors. 

LED street lighting systems benefit  in terms of energy efficiency and long lifespan. 

● Outdoor LED street lights do not contain toxic mercury elements or other unhealthy chemicals, compared to conventional luminary. 

● LEDs have more energy efficiency than traditional luminaires.

LED Lights for Roads

 It’s very important to light up path ways not just in a way that they look good but also serve an effective purpose. 

There are multiple ways to light up a city:

Area Lighting 

  • LED Flood Lights

Flood Lights are used to illuminate larger spaces. LED flood lights are the best landscape lights for large driveways and parking areas. Some flood lights are motion activated. These are especially useful for driveways, garage doors and other utility areas.  Flood lights can be used in various places such as parking lots, driveways, pavilions, stadiums, airport apron area, container yard, switch yard, metro depot, stock yard in steel plants and sports lighting. 

Landscape Lighting 

There are different types of Landscape lighting available, let’s look into the ones that are most commonly opted: 

Landscape Lighting
  • Bollards 

Bollards can be a great addition to several different parts of your home exterior and the landscape, these are commonly used for lighting up pathways and for landscape applications. 

LED Post Tops
  • LED Post Tops 

These lights are a type of outdoor lighting that is mounted on top of poles and located on different roadways, pathways, parking lots and other commercial areas. 

Decorative Post tops are used to light up pathways for pedestrians and roadways. 

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